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  情景对话 1   A: Tell me a little bit about yourself.请介绍一下你自己。   B: My name is David and I live in Shanghai, I was born in 1980. My major was electrical engineering.我叫David, 住在上海,出身于1980年。我的专业是电子工程。   A: What kind of personality do you think you have?你认为你有怎样的性格?   B: Well, I approach things very enthusiastically, I think, and I don’t like to leave things half-done.I’m very organized and extremely capable.嗯,我做事非常热心,我不喜欢把事情做一半。我非常有组织能力,也很能干。   A: What would you say are your weaknesses and strengths?你的弱点和优点是什么?   B: Well, I’m afraid I’m a poor speaker, however I’m fully aware of this, so I’ve been studying how to speak in public. I suppose my strengths are I’m persistent and a fast-learner.嗯,我不太擅长说话,我已经意识到这点,因此正在学习如何在公众场所说话。我想我的优点是很执着,而且学东西很快。   A: Do you have any licenses or certificates?你有执照或资格证书吗?   B: I have a driver’s license, and I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).我有驾驶执照,我是注册会计师。   A: How do you relate to others?你和别人相处如何?   B: I’m very co-operative and have good teamwork spirit.我能与人合作,富有团队精神。情景会话 2   A: I see by your resume that you have been working? 从你的简历可以看出你一直在工作。   B: Yes, I have worked for two years with an American Company. 是的,我在一家美国公司工作过2年。   A: Tell me what you know about our company please. 请告诉我对于本公司你知道些什么?   B: Well, the company was founded in New York in 1950 by Mark Ward, who was the first president. It has 1 billion dollars in capital; it employs 5,000 people, and it is the largest company in its field in the States. 好的,1950年Mark Ward,公司首任董事长在纽约创立公司。资本额为10亿美金,有5,000雇员, 是美国同行业中最大的企业。   A: What do you know about our major products and our share of the market? 关于本公司的产品和市场份额你知道些什么?   B: Your company’s products are mostly marketed in Europe and the United States, but particularly has sold very well here in China. So I think in the future you’ll find China to be a profitable market as well. 贵公司的产品主要在欧洲、美国市场销售,但是在中国市场的销路非常好,所以我想你会发现中国也是一个容易赚钱的市场。   A: What made you decide to change your job? 你为什么决定换工作?   B: I would like to get a job in which I can further develop my career. 我想找一个工作进一步发展自己的事业。   A: May I ask you why you left the former company? 可以问一下你为什么离开以前的公司?   B: Because I want to change my working environment and seek new challenges. 因为我想换一下工作环境,迎接新的挑战。情景会话 3   A: What is your working experience? 你的工作经历是怎样的?   B: I have worked for IBM for 3 years. 我在IBM工作过3年。   A: How will your experiences benefit this company? 你的经历对公司有什么好处?   B: I know the marketing from top to bottom and. I can develop a new market for you. That will increase your profit margin and keep the shareholders satisfied.我是对市场营销非常熟悉。我能为贵公司开发新的市场,这会增加贵公司的利润, 让股东们感到满意。   A: Are you aware of the aspects of this position and do you feel you are qualified? 你对这个职位了解吗,你认为自己合格吗?   B: Yes, I understand my qualification and your needs by researching your company. 是的,通过对你们公司的研究,我理解你们的要求,并认为我对这能胜任这个岗位。   A: If you enter this company, what section would you like to work in? 如果能进公司,你想在哪个部门工作?   B: If possible. I’d like to be positioned in International Trade Department. 可能的话,我想在国际部工作。   A: What starting salary do you expect? 你想要多少起薪?   B: I’d like to start at ¥5000 a month. 我想要每月5000元。情景会话 4   A: How long does it take to get here from your home? 从你家到公司要花多少时间。   B: It takes about 40 minutes. 大约40分钟。   A: Do you have any particular conditions that you would like the company to take into consideration? 你有需要公司特别考虑的事情吗?   B: Yes, do you have allowance for transportation as well a housing packages, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and annuity. 是的,你们有交通补贴、公积金、医疗保险、失业保险及养老金吗?What are your performance incentives and the bonus structure? 你们的奖励、奖金系统是怎样的?   A: How can we get in touch with you? 怎样有跟你联系?   B: You can reach me at 62547833. 你可以打电话给我,号码是62547833。   A: How can I contact you when we reach our decision? 我们决定后如何跟你联系?   B: You can call me at this number between 4 and 6 in the afternoon. 你可以在下午4点到6点之间用这个号码打电话给我。   A: Do you have any questions you would like to ask me? 还有问题要问吗?   B: What are the company’s working hours? 公司的上下班时间是怎样的?   Would I have to work overtime very often? 是否要经常加班?   Would there be any opportunities to work abroad in the future? 将来有机会到国外工作吗?



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